practical training hand surgery
practical training hand surgery

Stephane Guero/I.F.C.M

The French Institute for Hand Surgery guarantees a high quality theoretical and practical training regarding hand surgery. This training is supervised by Dr Philippe SAFFAR and Dr. Stéphane GUERO.

Requirements :
There are four residency positions available each semester.
Candidates should be specialists in orthopaedic or plastic surgery. They should send their CV, a cover letter, reports on previous practises and letters of recommendation.
Residents should have an excellent command of speaking, and if possible writing skills of French.

Training :
The surgeons in the group regard the FIHS residents as specialists under training. They are committed to teaching the residents all the subjects of Upper extremity surgery of adults and children. These subjects involve traumatology, plastic surgery of fragments, peripheral nerve surgery and microsurgery, surgery of children's malformations, carpal surgery, shoulder, elbow and wrist arthroscopy.
The training is provided during appointments, scheduled operations and on duty shifts, in the weekly staff meeting, and at the Symposium organised by the FIHS. During the meeting the resident submits the issues analysed and proposes his/her ideas.

During the residency, the resident has the opportunity of delivering at least one oral presentation and writing an article related to his/her work. To do this, he/she will have the support of a surgeon from the group.

Duration of the residency :
The length of the residency is generally six months, days off included.
The length may be reduced according to career requirements. Eventually, it can also be extended according to the planning, that is, if the resident should end a training programme he/she has registered in.
During the residency, the resident receives a monthly

Timetable :
Residents carry out their duties on a full time basis, that is, from Monday morning to Friday night. The operation schedule in the morning starts at 8:30 and appointments start at 9:00.

Operating room :
Depending on the surgery sessions, two or three residents are required in the operating room. The weekly planning will be scheduled in order to assign attendance to the operating room the best way possible.
If a resident is not busy at the operating room, he/she is invited to take part in the appointments. Residents may also take advantage of the library or the multimedia facilities to carry out his/her research work, and/or work on his/her presentations.

Residents should not leave the FIHS until an operation has ended, and there is no emergency or extraordinary modification for being required at the operating room.

Holidays :
A two week holiday is granted each semester.
Other days may be granted in case the resident is participating in a medical congress, or due to extraordinary reasons. Permission is granted after organising the continuity of the activity with his/her colleagues, and notifying the surgeon in charge of FIHS residents.
A weekly session is granted outside FIHS in order to continue with university training or guided research (anatomic, bibliographic).

Duties :
Duty appointments are set in accordance with the number of residents, preferably fifteen day s before the beginning of each month.
Residents on duty should be contacted permanently. In addition to their home telephone number, they should provide their cell phone number or pager.
During the week, residents remain in the operating room to participate in the eventual emergencies which will be treated after the scheduled sessions.
At weekends, residents should guarantee the continuity of attendance, carrying out emergency and obligatory care on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Congress :
Residents are kindly required to assist in the organisation and to participate in the symposium carried out by the FIHS.
Residents' participation in the Annual congress of G.E.M is frequent.


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